0x00 A glance into the kernel: Overview

Thursday, February 20, 2020 • edited Friday, February 21, 2020


As a newcomer to the OS world, I just read Operating System: Three Easy Pieces, grasped some basic terminologies and general ideas. Rather than a detailed textbook, it’s more like an index of those renowned papers.

Now it’s time to dive deeper into the real world code, I decide to view the recent kernel source of FreeBSD.

Why this post

It’s not my own version of the textbook, the post which to be a series is just some notes and shared ideas. If you would like to read it then find some errors or typos, feel free to contact me, I am sure you know how.

Why FreeBSD

but not Linux, Windows NT or Plan 9…

  • Open source
  • Well doced
  • Working in the real world

Why English

Though my native language is Chinese, I learnt those terminologies of OS in English while translated version sounds werid. I read and write in elementary and rough English, but I would try to keep these posts somehow make sense.

Route Map

I am going to view the source of FreeBSD 12 while reading the Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System(2nd Edition) which is mainly based on FreeBSD 11, the oldstable release.

The coarse-grained route should be:

  • Overview
  • Processes
  • I/O system
  • IPC
  • System Operation

For now, I’m still not sure about how long it will take.

I do it, not for my school course.

CC BY 4.0

0x01 A glance into the kernel: Overview on kernel services

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